SAQ Training

Speed, Agility and Quickness Training has become a popular way to train athletes. Many athlete from school children on a soccer field to professionals can benefit from SAQ training. This method has been around for several years, but is not used by all athletes primarily due to the lack of education regarding the drills. SAQ training manipulate and capitalizes on the stretch-shortening cycle while bridging the gap between traditional resistance training and functional specific movements. Some benefits of SAQ training includes increases in muscular power in linear, horizontal and multi-planar movements, brain signal efficiency, kinesthetic, and reaction force. SAQ training is not for beginners. It is an advanced form of training that should be introduced after a base of training has been established comes into a training program at somewhere different fitness levels, does it and we must train at different intensity levels. This form of training is best described as a moderate exercise and should only be implemented after a solid foundation of strength training and conditioning has been developed.

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