Agility 101:

Agility is the ability to decelerate, accelerate, and change directions quickly while maintaining good body control without decreasing speed. Agility is closely aligned with balanced by requiring athletes to regulate shifts in the body’s center of gravity while being subjected to postural deviation. Sports movements are generally not straight ahead, but require changes of direction in which lateral movements are used in serveral planes of movement simultaneously. Sports are often played in short bursts of 30 feet or less before a change of direction is required. Because movements are often initiated from various body positions, athletes need to be able to react with strength, explosiveness, and quickness from these different positions.

Drills for agility will involve change of direction movements and foot placements manueuvers that require the body to change planes of motion with a minimal loss of speed. Agility drills will also include stepping over obstacles and moving in and out of obstacles in an effort to teach the neuromuscular system to function as a unit for fast changes in direction.

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