Speed Kills:

Sport speed refers to the ability to run at maximum speed. This phenomenon will only last about 5 seconds, even for world class athletes. Most sports outside of tract sprinting do not offer the platform to showcase maximum running speed, however sprint training does underlie the foundation of numerous sports activities. Increasing maximum running speed has a direct correlation with increasing one’s power output. The fastest runners are those athletes who spend less time on the ground, which is greatly determined by the athletes’Ā strength and power in relation to their body composition.

SAQ Training will prepare the athlete to run faster through drills designed to work the specific muscles involved in fast locomotion. There is a myriad of drills available to athletes and coaches. Choose the drill which best mimic the activity of the sport in which the individual is undertaking. Drills for speed will involve are mechanics and stepping velocity as well as hill running and over speed running with the use of rubber bands.

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